Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time to Begin

This won't be a blog just about real estate ... although seriously that is the thing I am most interested in at this time.  I will be putting information out here about various things such as trends in the Memphis-Shelby County market, things that are happening in Memphis (this is one happen' town) and when I come across a great place to eat or shop I'll put that on here as well.

For those who haven't visited Memphis, it is one great town.  And I should know since I've lived in Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore, and Brussels during my lifetime.  Oh, by the way, I've lived in Memphis as well.  In fact, Memphis is where I grew up ... right over in East Memphis.

There's been a lot of good press about Memphis over the years and at times there is some bad press ... but all in all .... Memphis is a great place to live.  The city is host to a variety of cultural activities including various types of theatre, sports events (even if Iverson does leave the Grizzlies they still rock), and so many more things that you will want to participate in.  So I'm going to go out and seek these things out and will keep you updated about them.

So welcome to my hometown, Memphis, TN.  Lots of people have and do call Memphis home.  Among them was Elvis Presley, baseball legend Tim McCarver, actress (and one of my favorites) Cybill Shepherd, Dixie Carter went to school here, John Dye of Touched by an Angel was also a student in Memphis, W.C. Handy, all of those Blues artists that used to sing and perform on Beale St. and later at Blues Alley, and so many others.

Welcome to Memphis ... also known as the Bluff City ... River City .... and the Home of the Blues!