Friday, December 11, 2009

Memphis is One of the 100 Most Affordable Cities in America

Forbes Magazine has announced that Memphis is one of top 100 Affordable Cities to live in of all the United States.  That is something I've known for a while now.
Housing in Memphis is good quality, but is reasonably priced.  And Memphis is home of course to worldwide mammouth FedEx, but is also home to International Paper and the internationally famous St. Jude.  You can get a wonderful home in Memphis for about $200,000 that has all the amenities of a $750,000 home in the Washington DC area.  Also check out the prices of food, gas, and utilities in Memphis. 
While I lived here for 30 years and then took the lure of two other cities to work in, Memphis is by far the best place to live.  And housing ... you can't beat it!

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